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5 Dating Japanese Women Tips You Can Use Now

Here's an simple article about dating Japanese women for guys who don't speak much Japanese.

Date: September 20th, 2012 | Author: DateMasters | 1 Comment

Use these dating Japanese women tips wisely… it might lead to women like this.

5 Dating Japanese Women Tips You Can Use Now

Here is a shocker for a lot of guys – dating customs in Japan are the same as dating customs in the West. Women and men go on dates in order to get to know each other and have fun. There are a few old customs that used to exist in Japan that were quite different from the West but unless you’re dating Japanese women over the age of 70 you don’t have to worry.

Any Japanese woman (or dude) who tells you Japanese dating culture is totally different obviously hasn’t dated a lot of Japanese women. (And if she thinks dating is for something other than getting to know you and having fun then RUN!)

Dating Japanese women doesn’t require you to change the whole playbook

We’ve thoroughly tested what works and what doesn’t. What works for dating Western women works in Japan too. Keep it light and playful. Listen to her. Ask questions. Stay away from heavy subject matter (Don’t tell her how sad you are that on this day 19 years ago your pet cat ‘Senor Buttons’ died in a plane crash).

But wait, “I can just say the same stuff and it will work when I’m dating a Japanese woman?” Hold your horses, I never said that. Of course, your communication techniques, your words, and even your gestures will have to change but the fundamentals of dating remain the same for dating Japanese women.

So go out, start dating Japanese women and adjust your communication strategies (starting with the tips on how to date a Japanese woman below) while sticking to the tried and true fundamentals of dating.

Extra Advice and Tips on Communication with Japanese Women

So, you’re dating a Japanese woman and you two are sitting in a cafe getting to know each other, but there’s a problem… neither of you speak the same language. Uh oh. Here are some quick tips on dating Japanese women for the word impaired (read: non-Japanese speakers).

  1. Use gestures! This might seem obvious but you would be surprised by how many guys I meet who want to learn about dating Japanese women who fail to use gestures when trying to communicate.
  2. Make her laugh… with gestures! Can’t make a joke? Use gestures to make her laugh! Point at funny stuff. Make funny faces. Push her away from you playfully. Pretend you’re playing a game where the goal is to make each other laugh without talking. Spin her around. All the jokes and games that worked as a kid work great dating Japanese women.
  3. They all know a little English!Use random English words and phrases that all Japanese women know and do it in Japanese pronunciation (If you understand how to make Japanese pronunciation you would be amazed at how much more a Japanese woman will understand you. No joke.) One Japanese woman I dated for a while would laugh every time I said “Hi, what’s your name?”Find some English that makes her laugh and take advantage of it! Even broken English can be funny! “Me *point to yourself* like *thumbs up* dating Japanese woman *point to your Starbucks coffee”.
  4. Rock, paper, scissors (Janken in Japanese). ‘Nuff said. All Japanese know it and love it. Can’t talk? Don’t want to talk? Too far away to talk? Play ‘janken’! So there you have it gentlemen. A very short primer on some ways to start having better dates with women in Japan while getting past communication barriers.
  5. Draw funny pictures. Remember, making her laugh is 90% of what you need to do in order to successfully date a Japanese woman. Get a napkin or bring a small notepad and have fun drawing pictures to talk to each other.

Let me mention one thing – the best way to get better at dating in Japan will be to go out and get experience.

The worst this you can do is read this advice and not take action on it. Use these tips and advice.

Now get out there and meet the Japanese woman of your dreams!

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  1. Hi. I live in Waikiki and get to interact with Japanese girls while they are out here on vacation. I agree – just keep it light and make them laugh. I have had some luck here and there and the experiences have been fantastic.

    Thanks for the great read – love the site,


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