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"I figured out that the only way I could settle down would be to find a girl who was great enough inside and outside that my lust for other girls would be kept to a safe background level. How the Hell was I going to find one of those?hh

Now I know. The DRMS lays out the steps to find that girl."

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"I would recommend this to people who feel that something is missing in their sexual interactions or who feel that they don't have a consistent image of their sexuality."

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We can help you get more and better sex, relationships and women in Japan and Asia.

DateMasters Japan provides select clientele in Japan and Asia with comprehensive lifestyle strategies that they can use to get more, better and easier sex, dates and relationships with higher quality women along with coaching and support they can use to achieve long-lasting success with the women in their lives.

The DateMasters Japan trainers live in Japan and have extensive experience throughout Asia – South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and more – so you get advice that is proven to get results with hot Japanese and Asian women.

For more than 30 years Douglas Hall—the founder of DateMasters—has worked with men and women to improve the quality of their sex lives, dating experiences, personal relationships and marriages.

Along with his highly-skilled team of trainers at DateMasters, Douglas presents his information-rich and comprehensive seminars to hundreds of men worldwide. He trains them in the techniques, mindsets, and skills necessary to quickly and easily take control of their sex lives, find more joy and success in dating higher quality women as they build relationships that are not only more fulfilling sexually, but also intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Our clients have included:

  • Guys who are single and want mo’ betta’ sex with mo’ betta’ women;
  • Guys who want to find a great girlfriend or wife;
  • Guys who want to fix the problems in an existing relationships;
  • Guys who want to smoothly get out of an existing relationship;
  • Guys who are hoping to get an ex-girlfriend/ex-wife back;
  • Divorced and newly single guys who are returning to the dating scene;
  • Guys who are already seeing a woman and want to keep things going great with her;
  • Guys who want to upgrade their social skills and evolve themselves as men.

We are “Dating Advisors.” We are experts when it comes to understanding your unique issues, strengths, weaknesses, then showing you the exact steps you need to take in order to get the kind of results you want, while continuing to coach you so that you can create the optimum opportunities for achieving meaningful, long-term success as quickly as possible.

Because of the consistent results our clients have been able to achieve using our advice and coaching, DateMasters Japan now has professionally-trained advisors available locally Japan. Our coaches are also available to provide high-quality and comprehensive support to students in Asia and anywhere in the world.

DateMasters Japan gives you Japan-specific knowledge about sex, dating, relationships, humor and lifestyle. We can also provide you with Asia-specific dating advice for South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and more.

Typical results we have helped our clients achieve include:

  • Getting more sex and easier dates with more and better quality women;
  • Enjoying more sexually, intellectually, emotionally, financially, and spiritually-fulfilling relationships;
  • Upgrading and enhancing their sexual, social and communication skills;
  • Building higher self-esteem and feeling more socially and sexually confident;
  • Increasing their their ability to be more assertive and in-control when dealing with manipulative people (men and women);
  • Lifestyle optimization and self-improvement – everything from physical training to culinary skills;
  • Enhancing fashion & style awareness, body language communication, and conversational skills.

We provide expert dating advice via our products, seminars, private coaching on Skype and face-to-face—whatever medium works best for you.

Our goal with every client we take on is to put ourselves out of work; teaching you all the skills and mindsets you’ll need to succeed without us there at your side all the time. We’re here to teach you how to fish, but until you’re reeling them in all on your own, we’ll be right at your side making sure you’re learning every step of the way.

Our methods are straightforward, comprehensive and tested.

Feel free to email us now at japan@date-masters.com for a confidential and results-oriented discussion of your current situation. Email us and find out for yourself if what we have (and are!) what you want for yourself.

Contact us now for a results-oriented discussion of your situation.

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