What Is The Revolution! Online Training Course?

Note: This page refers to the online version of this course. If you are inquiring about the seminar, please email datemasters@date-masters.com

Top 5 Reasons to Strongly
Consider Joining This Training Course

  1. You want to stop feeling hesitant, nervous, anxious, scared, or intimidated and stop making excuses when you want to talk a beautiful woman.
  2. You want to stop relying on the “advice” of others and learn quickly what works best for you through your own lived experience. (Talk about proof!)
  3. You want a straightforward and efficient system for building and maintaining your skills and awareness with women.
  4. You want the confidence to approach and meet the kind of women you really want.
  5. You want to stop being such a wuss and start moving towards your goals with women will maximum speed and force.

If any of the above sounds like something you want… I know exactly how you feel. I know what you’re going through and I understand your problems and fears.

I used to deal with the exact same problems.

And if you’re like one of the many guys around the world who is taking action to move past those problems, I know what is stopping you and what will try to stop you in the future.

If you want to start understanding how to get past those issues (just like I got past them), then I highly recommend watching the following video on The Revolution! Online Training Course

- John Robie
Executive Trainer, DateMasters

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You get…
The Revolution! Online Training Course

For men in large cities who are unhappy with their inability to easily meet lots of beautiful women…


The Revolution! Online Training Course is a 43 day step-by-step program that provides a proven system you can use the rest of your life to build confidence, master your ability to approach women anytime and anywhere, bring a constant stream of beautiful women into your life, and develop the most attractive core male characteristics.

Unlike other training programs, The Revolution! Online Training Course gives you all the tools and training you need to build confidence, skills and abundance with women 80% easier, 100% cheaper and 750% faster than what other top dating coaches teach.

Here’s what you get:

  • 43 total days of training (plus a system to use even after the training)
  • 30 training missions
  • 7 course work sessions
  • 14 days of online-based study
  • 7 training sessions
  • 40 separate mini-modules

You also get:

  • A step-by-step process for analyzing and improving your skills (even after your training is complete)
  • An organized system that shows you exactly what to do regardless of how women respond to you
  • Detailed stat sheets to track your progress
  • Personal feedback on your progress from professional and experienced trainers
  • Daily mental exercises to strengthen and speed up your learning process

You’ll learn:

  • Point-by-point breakdowns of all the excuses holding you back from meeting women.
  • Learn “The Big Solution” that can dissolve 99% of your approach fear and anxiety.
  • Even more intensive training so you can internalize “The Big Solution”.
  • Discover the big “secret” that courses through every single interaction between men and women…… And accounts for 99% of the success that men have with women You’ll have the power to see what’s really going on and take advantage of it.
  • You’ll have a solid plan of action to continue making progress for months and months and YEARS Until you find the woman of your dreams or until your life is literally maxed out with beautiful women.
  • Learn and use the exact same system we use to motivate ourselves to meet massive numbers of women AND hold ourselves accountable.
  • Learn the 19 positive factors that will help you hold yourself accountable and learn how to cultivate these 19 factors so that you’re unstoppable as you meet massive numbers of beautiful women.
  • Learn the 19 negative factors that slow guys down and learn how to minimize them so that you can… Continue to stay motivated and successful and accountable long after your training is complete.
  • Learn the 6 lifestyle elements, almost always overlooked, that effect your ability to meet women over the long run… Plus learn strategies for how to benefit and capitalize on these elements.
  • Learn strategies for objectively analyzing exactly what you are doing wrong AND how to fix it.
  • Get specific, scientific methods for testing variables to discover the best, most effective methods of meeting women, specifically tailored to your personality, your situation and your goals We even show you what tests get you the most results fastest.

Benefits include:

  • Bring a continuous supply of beautiful women into your life WITHOUT wasting all your time, money and emotional energy “chasing girls.”
  • Develop core male characteristics that women find madly attractive.
  • Build uncanny skills with women WITHOUT ever setting foot in a bar or club.
  • Quickly and easily approach hundreds of thousands of women.
  • Approach more than 10,000 hot women in a year.

More reasons to join now are:

  • Add tons of crazy and hilarious adventures to your life.
  • Date and have relationships with some of the hottest women that you’ve ever met.
  • Talk to hot women wherever and whenever you want.
  • Build an acute social awareness based on YOUR lived experience and YOUR unique personality.
  • Overcome your fears and excuses about talking to beautiful women.
  • Dig up, burn and scatter the ashes of all the BS Excuses that hold you back
  • PLUS: Phone numbers
  • Dates
  • Sex (yay sex!)
  • Relationships
  • Potential future girlfriends and wives

Also Includes
Meet More Women
Others pay: $19.97 – YOURS FREE

Yours free!Yours free when you join now.

Read 225 pages of the most powerful new ways to meet beautiful, high value women who honestly like you – Without chasing, manipulating, money, pickup lines, or using games. Plus, learn to see and avoid the traps set by Hollywood, the Mass Media and “Seduction Gurus” as you uncover what is killing your chances with high quality women.

You will also learn from 15 different real life case studies that help you understand exactly what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it.

Plus, transform your life with a 5-step 8-week step-by-step guide to dating mastery.

Also Includes
4 Months Access to the
Dating Mastery Webinar Program

Others pay: $388 – YOURS FREE

Each month, you get a brand new 60 to 90 minute exclusive online webinar. These webinars will help you master any and all aspects of your dating life. You can also join the guys at DateMasters in conversations about the webinars and what topic you want us to talk about in the future.

Upcoming and recent webinars include:

Yours free!4 months are yours free
when you join now.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how to follow up with the hundreds of phone numbers you can get using The Revolution!
  • How to tell if a woman is interested in you, and find out if she want to date you, sleep with you (or just get a free meal).
  • How to NEVER have to deal with other guys messing up your dating life.

Your membership to the Dating Mastery Webinar Program will not automatically renew after your 4 months of free access, so you don’t have to worry about cancelling your membership. We’ll even offer you a discounted continuing membership only if you decide you are thrilled and excited about your monthly webinars.

Also Includes
2 Dating Coaching Sessions
Others pay: $298 – YOURS FREE

You’ll join one, or even several, DateMasters Trainers on Skype coaching call, focused on helping you get immediate answers and real results with women. These Skype calls are highly personal to your needs, goals and situation. You’ll benefit tremendously by engaging in live conversations with the guys here.

Yours free!8 live sessions are yours free
when you join now.

You’ll get the personal attention and advice that you need to really make permanent breakthroughs and get results as fast as possible. Some people join simply to get such discounted access to these personal coaching calls

“These personal coaching calls ALONE
are worth more than enough to justify the price of entry.

Join The Revolution! Online Training Course and Start Taking Control of Your Life

  • 43 total days of training
  • 30 in-field training missions
  • 7 online study and coursework sessions
  • Step-by-step process for analyzing and improving your skills
  • Simple system for knowing exactly what you do no matter how women respond to your approach
  • Daily mental exercises to strengthen and speed up your learning process
  • Access to Meet More Women
    (Sells for $19.97)
  • 4 Months of Webinar Program Access
    (Sells for $97/Month)
  • 2 Live Skype Coaching Sessions
    (Sells for $149/Session)
Regular Package
Premium Package

*Disclaimer #1: You MUST have daily access to a large city with an abundance of beautiful women in order to properly implement The Revolution! Online Training Course. Cities that The Revolution! can successfully be used in include: New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, and other cities of similar size and population density. If you are interested but are unsure if your location will work, please contact us now at revolution@date-masters.com

*Disclaimer #2: The goal of this training is to help you build the awareness, mental strength, confidence and willpower to approach any woman that you find attractive while optimizing yourself in order to get the results that you want based on your own objective experience. It does not teach you how to make any girl like you 100% of the time. Quite simply, there are no methods that can successfully make any girl like you 100% (people who claim that anyone can get any girl are straight-up lying to you). Fortunately, we’ve found that guys tend to have immensely more success when they stop trying to get every girl and adopt more efficient and straightforward methods like we use in The Revolution! Online Training Course.