How To Impress Smart Beautiful Women

How To Impress Smart Beautiful Women
how to impress smart beautiful women

Know how to impress smart beautiful women like her? First of all, you gotta listen up.

How To Impress Smart Beautiful Women

Listen up.

When it comes to beautiful, intelligent women – one of the easiest ways to shoot yourself in the foot is to try to impress her with smooth lines, fancy cars or other techniques to try to convince her to like you. They’ve seen it all and it makes you just like all the other guys out there. Plus, more often than not, trying to impress her can actually cause her to lose interest in you, give you weird ‘tests’ and otherwise make a good thing go sour faster than the speed of light.

So what should you do instead?

First of all, we’re assuming that you want to make dating beautiful women as simple and stress-free as possible. That’s what this advice is designed to help you do.

Learn to resist the urge to impress the top-class girls and you will be well on your way to meeting, dating and relating with extremely high quality women without ever having to convince them to like you.

A Case Study on Trying to Impress Smart Beautiful Women

Bill meets a girl. She’s great. Gorgeous. Incredible job. Smart. Exciting. She’s even funny! And to top it all off, she seems into him!

‘She’s amazing!’ He thinks.

Just like the last case study, Bill puts on his best performance. He really wants to impress her. He tells her all about his great lifestyle and all the cool stuff going for him. He doesn’t meet many girls like this so he really wants to make her feel a connection. He even starts making plans with her to go on future dates and telling her how unique, cool and different she is from all the other girls out there.

He pulls out every trick in the book to try to convince her that he is the right man for her. This woman is exactly the reason why he wanted to get better at persuasion and “getting the girl.”

Success! They go on a couple dates and he spares no expense. “I better do things right” he thinks. Things are going smoothly. They seem to have such a great connection after he’s shared so much of his past with her. He even sends her frequent messages to let her know about the cool things going on in his life and to let her know that he likes her for more than just her body.

And then … she’s gone. She stops returning his phone calls and messages with anything more than “I’m busy.” Meanwhile, Bill is frantically planning out how he can “get her” to like him again. But all his pushing and persistence leads to nothing because she is already gone and he’s left
scratching his head.

The next time he goes out to Meet More Women he tries even harder to persuade girls to like him, under the false assumption that “if it didn’t work with her then I need to improve my persuasion skills.”
In the end, Bill goes right back into the cycle of persuading every girl he meets to like him.

Have you ever done this?

Symptom: You feel disappointed and let-down when girls you really like leave you or stop returning your phone calls.

Cause: Feeling like you need to convince and persuade girls if you want them to stay with you for the long-run.

“Boo Hoo! If only I could have done a better job making her like me I could have kept her!”

Analysis: The thing about persuasion is that even if a guy can convince a girl to do something she didn’t originally want, the minute he stops persuading her, she leaves.

An interaction that starts with persuasion can only keep moving forward with persuasion. This puts many guys in the (usually unnoticed) cycle of trying to persuade and convince her as long as he wants her in his life or else he risks losing her when he turns off the persuading tactics.

Persuading a girl to stay with him is almost impossible for a man to do for an extended period of time. The constant internal stress of feeling the need to persuade and convince girls to like him ends up interfering with his overall happiness and ability to meet really great women. The worst part is, for the really great women like the one above, persuasion simply doesn’t cut it. She can have any man she wants. Why would she stay with a guy who has to convince her to stay when she could just as easily get one she already knows is the kind of man she wants?

The Underlying Problem Behind Feeling the Need to Impress Smart Beautiful Women (and a Solution!)

Lack of a way to meet women that can actually lead to a relationship where you are both mutually and extraordinarily happy rather than one where you are in a constant struggle to persuade her to stay with you.

What is the solution? Learn to be the kind of man that great women want to be with so that you don’t have to worry about how to persuade her to stay with you.

Today’s post was the a special case studies from the book Meet More Women. I highly recommend reading it if you want detailed advice on exactly how to remedy this situation. The book has so much more detail than I can go into on this simple blog post.

Be Amazing.
Jack D. Serrano


  1. Very interesting. I will definitely check out more of what you guys teach and if thats really what you do, then you guys do great work.

    I just have had some previous experience with people who claim that they teach guys not to try and make women like them, only for it to emerge that in subtle ways they really do teach that, just in less obvious ways (like inner game, natural game, etc).

    But if you guys just explain what *be yourself* means, which I agree needs clarification because often guys who have grown up learning to fake themselves think *be yourself* means *act the same way you have always acted for the past 20 years, make no changes at all, when the fact is how they have acted for the past 20 years has been to fake themselves*, and if you further teach men how to spot signals of interest from women and merely find those who jive with them, well then, you do fantastic work.


    • “”I just have had some previous experience with people who claim that they teach guys not to try and make women like them, only for it to emerge that in subtle ways they really do teach that, just in less obvious ways (like inner game, natural game, etc).””

      Exactly. All of us here at DateMasters have experience with those kind of guys too.
      In fact, that is one of our main missions – to show men that they can have a great, happy dating life WITHOUT needing to convince or persuade women to like them by acting alpha, natural, building attraction, etc. When guys know how to actually FIND women who they share chemistry with, they tend to discover that many of their former dating issues no longer exist.

      Good job picking up on the fact that all that “inner game” or “natural game” stuff is just variations on the same theme of guys trying to convince girls to like them.

      You make an excellent point about being yourself vs. doing the same thing you’ve always done.

      Thanks for your comments.
      Good ideas for some future blog posts too.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    You are making a great point that actually agrees with everything we are teaching guys here at DateMasters. Learning how to MAKE women like is a waste. Finding ones who DO like you is the key. It makes life easier and actually opens the doors for guys to date more and better women.

    Our book Meet More Women is actually based around the idea of seeking out and finding women who naturally jive with you. The 2nd half of the book is all about teaching guys HOW to find those girls.

    Part of being the man that she already wants (thus, not needing to impress) means finding women who you already get along great with.

    Although we stay away from advice like “just be yourself” because it doesn’t give guys specific actions they can take. We’ve taught way to many guys who heard the advice “just be yourself” and were frustrated because they had no idea what it meant, outside of some nice-sounding, feel-good advice that is too unspecific to be wrong.

    We prefer to advise guys to have a fun, playful conversation with a girl who shares chemistry with you.

    Appreciate the comment.

  3. *……What is the solution? Learn to be the kind of man that great women want to be with so that you don’t have to worry about how to persuade her to stay with you….*

    That is just another form of trying to impress. You re-introduce the need to impress even as you are attempting to reject it.

    The whole concept of *learning* how to get women to like you needs to go out the window once and for all. Otherwise *needing to impress* will creep back in in increasingly sophisticated and subtle forms. They will do even more damage because they will be even less obvious, thus harder to root out in the future.

    The solution is simply to be yourself without caring if others like you and to seek out and find those women who naturally jive with you.


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