5 Signs a Girl Likes You


Do you know these top 5 signs a girl likes you?

The Top 5 Most Super-Awesome Signs a Girl Likes You

How do you know if a girl likes you?

This is perhaps the most important question for any guy who wants more, better and easier sex, dates and relationships.

If you’ve read our blog or book you know that we advocate being straight-up and direct with women while Identifying women who like us.

Guys get the most sex, the best dates and the most fulfilling relationships when they only focus on girls who like them. Trying to get a girl who doesn’t like you is the quick road to frustration-town, stress-ville and no-sex-city (read: not fun places).

And what is the payoff to knowing the signs a girl likes you?

When you learn how to successfully Identify girls who like you as quickly as possible, the whole dating game becomes a whole heck of a lot easier since you’re only spending time with women who like you; women who want to be with you, have sex with you, make you happy and make your life better.

Sounds like fun, right?

So here we go – five signs that a girl likes you (plus one warning about how to use these signs):

Signs a Girl Likes You #1: She Laughs at Your Jokes (Even the Bad Ones)

The first sign a girl likes you is if she laughs at your witty banter and hilarious commentary (even when it’s not funny).

First of all, you always want to stay playful and light when you are talking to her. Make her laugh.

You don’t need to be funny. When a girl likes you, she will laugh. When she doesn’t like you, she won’t laugh, even if you think you’re funnier than Chris Rock.

Her laughter is all about the chemistry between the two of you and has very little to do with the content of your jokes.

Here’s an example of this point from my own life. Sometimes I’ll stack time limited coffee dates on top of each other, one after the other. One of the great things about dating a variety of women in a short time period is that you get to see all sorts of fun and interesting reactions – like when I make the same comment to two different girls and get two entirely different reactions.

Exhibit A: On a coffee date with a girl

Me: *Funny (or not so funny) comment*

Girl #1:  “That’s not funny.” *Silence. Crickets. Horrifying flashback of one of the Olsen twins on Full House.*


If her response to your joke looks like this… run!

Exhibit B: On another coffee date with another girl an hour later.

Me: *Exact same funny (or not so funny) comment*

Girl #2: “That is HILARIOUS!” *Laughs hysterically while holding her side and almost falling out of her chair.* 


Every time you make a girl laugh an angel gets its wings.

“But what if she doesn’t laugh?”


Maybe she’s not into you. Maybe she has no sense of humor. Maybe her cat died. Maybe she’s scared that aliens from outer space will abduct her if she laughs.

You’re not responsible for her reactions. Let her take care of herself. You simply focus on being the charming, witty guy that you know you can be while noticing if she is laughing or not. If she is – great! You want a girl who you can smile and laugh with. It makes life a lot more fun.

The key is to remember that her laughing has very little to do with your humor skills. It’s simply another sign that she does (or doesn’t) like you. If she’s not laughing, then chances are really high then it’s better to move on and find a girl who will laugh with you.

Signs a Girl Likes You #2: She Touches You

Another one of the signs a girl likes you is she goes out of her way to touch you (usually when you are making her laugh).

Be careful now, we said that SHE goes out of HER WAY to touch YOU. NOT THE OPPOSITE. If you’re all over her she physically can’t be all over you.

When a girl likes you… and you make her laugh… and you aren’t touching her – she will touch you.

I’ve seen too many guys turn into Mr. Octopus because they heard that they were supposed to touch girls in order to make her like him.


When a woman is into you, you don’t need to be weird about trying to touch her. And when a given girl is NOT you, you’re just asking for trouble by touching too much. Avoid that, too.

Exercise self control and hold back on all the touching. Let her come to you. It helps you stay classy and it gives you valuable information (like whether or not she touches you).

However, if she’s the one touching you, don’t start jumping for joy, high-fiving your friends, and pulling out your award speech, either. Simply smile and note it as a good sign that a girl likes you.

Signs a Girl Likes You #3: She Asks You Questions (and Talks When You Ask Her Questions)

When a girl likes you, she wants to know more about you. Who are you? What do you like? What do you dislike? Where are you from? What was it like? When are you going? What do you do?

There are all good signs that a girl likes you.

Of course, since you are an astute student of DateMasters you know the importance not telling her everything about yourself. Let her learn more about you gradually.

You don’t have to answer any or all of her questions seriously. But always be aware of whether she is asking you questions or not.

If your conversation with her is entirely one-sided, that’s a bad sign.

Here are a few warning signals she might not be interested:

  • If you ask her a question, she gives short answers with no follow-up question;
  • If you stop talking, she doesn’t re-initiate the conversation;
  • If she could effectively be replaced with a brick wall without disrupting the conversation;
  • If talking to her is more difficult (or boring) than reciting the Gettysburg Address from memory.

Conversations, dates and relationships are all two-sided. If she isn’t holding up her end of the bargain, then she’s probably not interested. Time to move on.

Signs a Girl Likes You #4: She Contacts You

When a girl likes you, chances are high that she will contact you more and more often.

Text messages. Phone calls. Telegraphs. Smoke-signals.


Text messages and smoke signal are both equally positive signs a girl likes you.

These are all common ways that girls who like you will contact you (some are more common than others).

We strongly recommend that you avoid texting as much as possible. In fact, the only time you really ever need to text is when you reply to her messages (ask us what to text a girl for specifics).

But that doesn’t mean she can’t send you messages. When a girl likes you, she wants to stay in contact with you. She wants you to think of her. Take it as a good sign.

“What if she never contacts you?”

This isn’t as clear-cut as the other signs. Her not contacting you might not mean anything. If she calls you back promptly, picks up your phone calls, and is generally easy to contact, those are all good signs.

However, if she never calls you back, or is hard to get in touch with, that is bad. If you leave a message that says to call you back, and she never calls back, that is bad. B-A-D. She’s telling you (pretty directly) “I’m not into you enough to return your phone calls, maybe if I’m extra starved for attention I’ll pick up your call someday.”

If you’re still not sure if she likes you or not, the next sign a girl likes you willl cut through the BS…

Signs a Girl Likes You #5: She Eagerly Accepts Your Date Offer

Perhaps one of the most important signs a girl likes you is that she accepts your date offer. And the next one. And the one after that.

This is the bottom-line. She can laugh, touch you, ask questions and contact you all day, but if she isn’t actually going out with you, with romantic intentions (read: sex and/or a potential relationship), then none of it matters.

Wait… you are inviting women out on dates, right?

We strongly recommend guys ask girls out on dates (using the word date) for a very specific reason. Namely, it lets us determine whether she is actually interested in us, or not.

When guys fudge around the issue with indirect BS smoke and mirrors like inviting her to hang out, or to meet up sometime, then they never really have a chance to clearly find out if she’s interested or not.

In my experience, women respond very positively to being direct and straightforward.

When she likes you, she is absolutely thrilled that you are inviting her on a date. She’s being asked out on a date by a guy she likes – of course she’s thrilled!

When she isn’t interested, she’ll either turn down your offer or act wishy-washy at the prospect of a date with a guy she isn’t interested in.

Most women are honest. They don’t want to lead a guy on. But if he isn’t clear about his intentions, then he is letting himself get led on by the girl. He is letting himself get strung along because he was trying to avoid rejection by avoiding being straight-up with the girl (which only delays the inevitable).

Go down the straight and narrow – ask her on a date so that you stop wasting time on women who just aren’t into you.

Being straightforward with her puts everything out on the table so that you can truly determine whether a girl likes you, or not.

“How do I know if she likes me after our date?”

Invite her on the next date. Then the next one. Then the next one. Then the next one.

(Make sure you actually go on a date in between those invites.)

As long as she is into you, she will want to see you. This is how dating and relationships work in the real world (in the DateMasters world anyways). The women want you in their life.

Until you actually ask her out, there is no surefire way to know if she wants to go out with you. Sorry, man. There is no way around it. You’ll just have to man up, grow a pair and invite her on a date.


You won’t really know if she likes you until you grow a pair and ask her out.

Warning About Looking for Signs a Girl Likes You

Now you’ve read several signs a girl likes you… it’s time for a big dose of reality.

All beautiful women know exactly how to give off all the right signals of interest so that guys think the girl likes him. If she likes you, chances are very good that she’ll give you the signals above. These women are honest, good people. These are the ones we want you with.

But, some of the women out there will intentionally make a guy think she likes him just so she can get something from him. These are the girls with agendas. Gold-diggers, users, professional daters, etc. We want you to avoid these women and all the problems they bring into your life. If she has an agenda and you are an easy target (hint: Pickup Artists, self-proclaimed players and guys that heavily utilize “Game” make for very easy targets) then she will probably give you any and all signs a girl likes you that have ever been published. It might look, at first, very similar to the same signs that an honest, beautiful woman gives.

What is the remedy for that?

In our seminars, we tell guys to never completely trust any individual signs that a girl likes you. As you date her, keep your eyes open for the warning signs that something might be a bit… off. Some women are just interested in your money, your lifestyle, your friends, your connections, your emotional support, or your time and attention. We want you to be with women who really and truly like you, with no hidden agenda.

It is always a good idea to take everything slow and really get to know a girl before you invest any emotions into her.

Keep your eyes peeled for those wonderful and beautiful women out there who really like you. That’s when life starts getting *real* fun (read: mind-blowing sex and extraordinarily fulfilling relationships with women who really make you happy).

Be Amazing.
Jack D. Serrano


  1. When a girl is really into you, I think you can read it in her eyes – as opposed to a gold digger/ user… There’s a sparkle and liveliness and intensity that says she’s into you. Russell Howard (a Brit comedian) described that flirty feeling as “belly fizz” which I love and to my mind that’s what gives the sparkle.

  2. Laughing at your jokes and inquiring via questions are the 2 biggest signs I’d say.

    Obviously, contacting you is probably the biggest, but that’s a surety when it comes to being open to meeting up.

  3. Sound advice. One method I’ve used in the past when a girl has made eye contact with me several times and I’m pretty sure she’s interested is that I’ll make eye contact with her, prolong it for a moment then lean slightly towards her and give her a very friendly smile and slight nod. I then gently break eye contact and ignore her completely. If she’s interested in you, that smile and slight nod will pique her curiosity to the point where she almost cannot help but get closer to or make some kind of contact with you. If you’re facing away from her and suddenly find she’s moved into your line of sight or if she passes by close to you and accidentally brushes up against you, then she has absolutely passed the ball back to you and the game is yours to win or lose. Try it, it’s worked for me numerous times.

    • Hey Fred, thanks for the comment. Indeed, your advice is sound as well.

      The one minor criticism I have with it is that it’s rather passive. It relies on a girl giving you flirty eyes first (“when a girl has made eye contact with me several times”). Of course, taking action on the signals she’s giving helps guys meet tons more women. However, rather than waiting for those opportunities to arise, I like to approach each and every girl I see that I find attractive whether or not she gives me eye contact first. Otherwise, the rest of what you said is spot on. Thanks for sharing.


      • From a woman’s perspective, I think you are totally right. A girl also needs to know that you are interested in her. Some men are very good at picking up signals and going for the girls who like them, but the point is they’re not afraid to make the first move. Not afraid of being turned down, because they can just move on with no hard feelings. The men that are a real annoyance are the ones who just won’t take no for an answer.


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