Meeting Women Without Game

Meeting Women Without Game
Meet Women Without Game

Donning a fuzzy top-hat to try to become a master PUA? What if you knew how to start meeting women without game?


Meeting women without game is far easier than with it.

With the internet and the proliferation of information about pick up, pick up artists, and ‘Game’, lots of guys have gotten really confused and messed up.

It’s amazing that nobody is really talking about meeting women WITHOUT game. In my experience, meeting women without game makes everything a whole lot more simple, easy and effective, especially when it comes to meeting and dating high value women beauty and accomplishment.

Meeting Women Without Game: Getting Started

At DateMasters, we don’t deal with all the games and the headaches that come along with playing them.

When we head out to meet women (without ‘Game’) this our strategy:

Simply find a woman you find attractive, walk up to her and say “Hi, what’s your name?”

From that point on, if she’s interested in you, then you have a light, friendly conversation, making her laugh. If she’s not interested, let her go, then find another woman (or another 30+ women if you’re doing The Revolution!) to go talk to for that day.

Meeting Women Without Game: Isn’t That Game Too?

Some guys try to argue that what we do at DateMasters – saying “Hi, what’s your name?” then making her laugh with light, playful conversation – is, in fact, meeting women with ‘Game.’

If guys really want to, they can slice and dice semantics and definitions and try to slap the ‘Game’ label on whatever they want. I suppose you could call talking to your Grandmother ‘Game’ IF you really want to.

However, we’ve found that when guys start classifying their interactions with woman as ‘Game,’ it messes up their results and it messes up their heads. There’s no good to come out of it. For one, what do you do when you meet a woman in reality and you actually want to get to know her to find out if she’s right for you?

Meeting Women Without Game: What Is Game?

For our purposes here (finding, meeting and keeping a beautiful woman of accomplishment) we’ll define ‘Game’ as: Meeting women with the intent of trying to convince or persuade her to like you. More thorough definitions are explained in Meet More Women, so this will do for now.

Instead approaching with the intent to convince, we recommend you simply be direct and straightforward.

“Hi, what’s your name?” is probably the most powerful phrase to go about meeting women without game.

I believe Neil Strauss of PUA fame and author of ‘The Game,’ once said something like, “If just walking up to her, introducing myself and shaking her hand works, I wouldn’t have had to write this book.”

Our lived experience has proven thousands and thousands of times from thousands and thousands of approaches in endless situations in various cities all over the world that YES, IT DOES WORK ACTUALLY.

Really well, in fact.

You couldn’t pay me money to live my life doing something more complicated.

Our guys have met and dated smoking hot fashion designers, professional cheerleaders, business owners, lawyers, doctors, models and actresses all doing this.

No need to meet women with ‘Game.’

Drop the whole ‘Game’ thing for a few thousand approaches and test it out. You might find it’s a lot less stress, a whole lot more fun, and ultimately tons more effective.

Be Amazing.
John Robie

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