Don’t Like Convincing a Girl to Like You?

Don’t Like Convincing a Girl to Like You?
dont like convincing a girl to like you

Does convincing a girl to like you make you feel like a begging weiner dog?

What’s The Problem With Convincing A Girl To Like You?

What if you didn’t ever need to convince a girl to like you again?

Let’s face it – The “convincing a girl to like you” dance sometimes feels a lot more like begging than it does meeting a really hot, cool girl who has a whole lot to offer.

KNow what I mean? The uncomfortable feeling that comes from feeling like you are “picking up” girls or doing something that’s somehow underhanded.

We know exactly what the issue is AND we know how to get around it.

Today’s post is straight from the book Meet More Women (read it!).

Why It Seems Like You Can’t Meet Anyone Without Convincing A Girl To Like You?

Bob likes to hang out with the guys. Sure, he wants to meet a great girl but he just doesn’t feel comfortable going out to “hit on” girls. He thinks it would be much better to naturally meet women rather than trying to convince them to like him.

Unfortunately, Bob has yet to find a “natural” way of getting women lined up at his doorstep begging to meet him. So, for now, he is stuck meeting just a few new girls a year. He knows he could Meet More Women if he went out with the intention of meeting more women but that doesn’t fit his image of himself. He feels like this would be changing who he is just to get girls. Even when he does randomly meet a new girl at a party or through friends he is very resistant to the idea of changing who he is just to get a girl to like him.

When faced with the choice of trying to convince and cajole a girl into liking him and just not meeting many women he chooses the latter (not realizing that this is a false choice).

Ultimately, this leaves him feeling lonely and unsatisfied because he can’t find a really great woman.

Have you ever experienced this?

Symptom: You feel resistant to changing who you are just to make girls like you.

Cause: Thinking that the only way to meet lots of girls is to cajole and convince them to like you.

“No way! I’m not going out just to try to get girls! Trying to convince girls to like me is lame! I’m not gonna change who I am!”

Analysis: Lots of guys are like this. They want girls to like them for who they are and are unwilling to go out of their way just to ‘hit on’ girls.

This comes from a powerful gut feeling they get that trying to make girls like you is not something that a self-respecting man does. They value self-respect, integrity and honesty over convincing girls to like them.

Lacking a way to meet women without sacrificing their values they just don’t meet many women.

The Underlying Problem Is …

You don’t have a way to Meet More Women that allows you to maintain self-respect, integrity and honesty. You want a way to Meet More Women that amounts to more than just “chasing girls.” You want a way to Meet More Women lets you keep all you dignity and self-respect.

We go into this topic and the solutions much more thoroughly in our book Meet More Women. Check it out if you want to meet women in a way that builds your integrity and core self-respect.

Be Amazing.
Jack D. Serrano

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